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Fall 2014

Oct 5th, 2014
10am - 4pm

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1 Feinberg Way
Brockton, MA  02301

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List of confirmed vendors for the Oct 5th expo:

Dinky Reptiles
Groveland Geckos
Sabrina's Reptile Kingdom
Loki Reptiles
Hellbent Reptiles
Action Reptiles
BBC Reptiles
A+ Serpents
Samantha's Gecko's
KSC Exotic
Speckle Geckos
Black Panther Zoological
East Coast Reptile Exchange
Mainley Morph
Delaneys Geckos
New England Herpetoculture
4G Reptile Crafts
WTF Morphs
Jabberwock Reptiles
CV Exotics
Mojo Herps
Black Jungle Terrarium Supply
Cold Blooded Pets
Jurrasic Jungle
Blake's Exotic Reptiles
Joe Ellis Reptiles
It's A Pets World
Eye Candy Exotics
New England Natural History & Supply
Glen Echo Reptile
Island Giants
Simply Smooth Dragons
DKM Exotic
Mt. Vernon Reptile
Hilltop Hognose
Craig Berriault
The Gecko Sanctuary
100 Tables currently reserved.
Updated 9.29.14

Here are some of the vendors that have exhibited at previous expos.

4-C Reptiles
A + Serpents
Animal Protection Center of SE MA
Beeger Boxes
Keith Begin
BigDog Reptiles
Nathaniel Brown
Cold Blooded Pets
CV Exotics
David's Fine Geckos
Divine Reptiles
Dinky Reptiles
Dragontown Reptiles
Al Flynn
Gekko Godz
Gecko Sanctuary
Gecko Time
Rob Haneisen
Harris In Wonderland
Hellbent Reptiles
It's A Pet's World
Jabberwock Reptiles
JPC Boas
Jungle Jewels Reptiles
KLH Reptiles
Mike Krick Books
Loki Reptiles
Mass 4-H
New England Herpetoculture
New England Herpetological Society
Northeast Tropical
Ocean State Aquatics
Calan Philbrook
Richard Roth
Sabrinas Reptile Kingdom
Samren Exotics
Sarah's Geckos and Tarantualas
Kurt Schatzl
Andy Sollecito
White Mountain Reptiles