Restricted Animals
Announcement: On January 3, 2014 the Commonwealth of Massachusetts changed the Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR’s) to reflect the de-regulation of the following species of reptiles that are now legal to keep, breed, sell and trade in Massachusetts without a permit requirement.

Emerald tree boa – Corallus caninus
Green tree python – Morelia viridis
The Family Chamaeleonidae (all Chameleons)
Spiny-tailed monitor lizard – Varanus acanthurus
Massachusetts Reptile Expo requires all vendors and exhibitors to be in full compliance with state and federal regulations. As a result, the following animals are NOT allowed to be sold or displayed at the expo:

Reticulated python Python reticulatus
Rock python, Python sebae
All Anaconda species Eunectes
All monitor lizards Varanidae (with the exception of Varanus acanthurus – Spiny-tailed monitor lizard)
All crocodilians
All venomous reptiles.
Turtles and tortoises under 4 inches long
Live mammals or birds, except eyes closed feeder rats & mice.
For a complete List checkout the NEHS Commonwealth of Massachusetts Restricted Herptiles List.