Restricted Animals

No outside pets are allowed inside the venue for attendees unless it is a registered service animal such as a trained service dog. We ask that you do not bring your emotional support pets to the expo for both their safety and the safety of other attendees.

Massachusetts Reptile Expo requires all vendors and exhibitors to be in full compliance with state and federal regulations. As a result, the following animals are NOT allowed to be sold or displayed at the expo:

Reticulated python Python reticulatus
Rock python, Python sebae
All Anaconda species Eunectes
All monitor lizards Varanidae (with the exception of Varanus acanthurus – Spiny-tailed monitor lizard)
All crocodilians
All venomous reptiles.
Turtles and tortoises under 4 inches long
Live mammals or birds, except eyes closed feeder rats & mice.
For a complete List checkout the NEHS Commonwealth of Massachusetts Restricted Herptiles List.

Announcement: On January 3, 2014 the Commonwealth of Massachusetts changed the Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR’s) to reflect the de-regulation of the following species of reptiles that are now legal to keep, breed, sell and trade in Massachusetts without a permit requirement.

Emerald tree boa – Corallus caninus
Green tree python – Morelia viridis
The Family Chamaeleonidae (all Chameleons)
Spiny-tailed monitor lizard – Varanus acanthurus