Reptiles, Amphibians, Supplies & More!

100+ tables of dealers, breeders and hobbyists exhibiting and selling a wide variety of colorful and unusual reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. Tanks, cages, terrarium supplies, books, and food animals at special show prices.

Animal Education

The New England Herpetological Society brings animals of all sizes as educational ambassadors. These animals are there so everyone can learn, touch, and play to understand these misunderstood and lovable creatures. Usually there are tegus, geckos, tortoises, and a variety of snakes. Great for all ages.

The Photo Booth

Our photo booth has a wide variety of animals to choose from! You can take a photo with some of the educational animals or the even larger animals from Joe’s Crazzy Critters! Joe usually brings an alligator and a big Burmese python as well as other critters.

You can take a cell phone photo for a $1 donation, printed photo for $5, or a green screen photo where you are placed in a tropical location ($15). Frames are also available ($5).

All funds raised by the photo booth go to educational grants, conservation grants, reptile rescues, animal law research, and other non-profit organizations that are beneficial to our hobby.